Exciting Changes: TRU-SPEC & 5ive Star Gear

Exciting Changes Ahead: Tru-Spec and 5ive Star Gear Under New Ownership

On May 21, 2024, Tru-Spec Global LLC announced an exciting transition as it acquired the well-known brands Tru-Spec and 5ive Star Gear. This acquisition includes a significant move from Atlanta, Georgia to Kings Mountain, North Carolina. With new ownership and a fresh start on the horizon, here’s what customers can expect during this transition and what typically happens when a company changes hands and relocates.

Smooth Transition and Continued Commitment

Firstly, it's important to recognize that Tru-Spec and 5ive Star Gear will continue to provide the same trusted apparel and gear that customers have relied on for years. Despite the change in ownership, the commitment to quality remains unwavering. New leadership often brings fresh energy and perspectives, which can result in improved operations and innovation in product offerings.

Establishing New Operations

The process of moving and re-establishing operations is well underway. Tru-Spec Global LLC is making significant strides, including:
  • New Distribution Center**: The new distribution hub in Kings Mountain, NC, is becoming operational, with trucks already transporting inventory and assets from Marietta, GA.
  • New Office Setup**: The new office space in Kings Mountain is rapidly taking shape, with the final touches being added and key staff being onboarded.
  • New ERP System**: An advanced ERP system is being implemented, which will streamline operations and ensure a seamless experience for customers.
New B2B Website

One of the highlights of the transition is the development of a new B2B website. This platform will enable dealers and distributors to check inventory, monitor order status, and place orders more efficiently. This upgrade signifies a commitment to enhancing the customer experience through better technology and improved accessibility.

Continuity and Immediate Response

Despite the significant changes, Tru-Spec Global LLC has already demonstrated its ability to maintain continuity in operations. Within the first week, the company managed to ship an emergency order, showcasing their dedication to customer service and operational efficiency.

What Customers Can Typically Expect During a Company Move and Ownership Change

When a company undergoes a move and changes ownership, customers might experience a few typical developments:
  • Temporary Disruptions: There could be short-term interruptions in service or delays in order processing as new systems and processes are put in place.
  • Communication Updates: Customers can expect regular updates from the company about the progress of the move and any changes that might affect them.
  • Enhanced Services: Often, new ownership brings investment in technology and infrastructure, leading to better service and product offerings in the long run.
  • Retention of Core Values: Despite new management, companies usually strive to maintain the core values and product quality that their customers trust.
Tru-Spec Global LLC is committed to keeping customers informed throughout this transition. As operations resume in their new North Carolina home, they promise to maintain the high standards that Tru-Spec and 5ive Star Gear are known for.

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting new chapter unfolds. Tru-Spec and 5ive Star Gear are poised to continue delivering functional, reliable products without the fluff—just straightforward, high-quality gear for their customers.
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