New to Tac Essentials?

Welcome to Tac Essentials, where tactical meets outdoor.  For us, this just isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Here's our store guide for first timers:

We're all about gear talk! Shoot us a message, and we'll get back to you in double time—well, usually within an hour on most days. Night owls, hold on till dawn for a reply. If you haven't received a response within 24 hours, then check your spam folder.  Still no message?  Take a deep breath and check again.  AOL, Yahoo and some government organizations have filtering systems that sometimes makes us play a bit of hide and go seek while our message hangs out in your spam folder.  We suggest making sure you've listed our email address as an authorized contact in your settings.  Don't forget you can leave us a phone message, but our number is a message phone only.  You may have to wait a few hours or even a day in some situations before we are able to respond.  We always recommend email as the best contact for us for the fastest response.  Follow this link to contact us.

Our website's like a live heartbeat of what's in stock. So, if it says we've got 20 pink tactical vests, trust us, that gear is ready to go.  We do not do backorders.  We strive for a 99.9% accuracy with the posted availability of times. 

We're speed demons here. Your order gets the express lane treatment and usually goes out within 24 hours. We ship everywhere in the US, even to our heroes in far-off APO/FPO bases. UPS is our trusty partner.  You'll receive an email with tracking information and you can even add your cell phone number to your online account and we'll provide text updates on the journey of your shipment.

Spending over $150? Congratulations, you've earned yourself a free ticket to Shippingville, no shipping fee!  Other shipping options are based on the total amount of your order.  Check out our shipping rates here.

If an item you ordered turns out to be MIA because of inventory mistakes, damage or is delayed for any reason, we will notify you within 48 hours and will offer to cancel the order or selecting a similar item from a different manufacturer.  We don't do backorders and you shouldn't either!  Backorders suck!

If you've changed your mind within 30 days, we're cool with it being returned.  The gear needs to be pristine, "I've never seen a campfire" condition and no odors of your armpit aroma.   There's a 10% restocking fee on all returns.—think of it as the toll for the return journey.  In the rare occasion we receive a return that is damaged, signs of use, odors, torn packaging, missing attached tags or similar issues the restocking fee may be higher to cover our loss.  There are some items you can't return such as perishables, under garments, etc.  Our return policy can be found here.

We're lightning-fast with refunds, but banks like to take their sweet time. Most customers report the credit showed up within 2 business days.  We've heard that sometimes a credit might take longer but that all depends on your bank/credit card policies.

Your secrets are safe with us. We guard your info like it's the last canteen in the desert. Pinky promise.  Our privacy policy can be found here.

Plastic rules the roost here. Yep, credit cards are the only payment option we offer.  We do not accept checks, money orders, purchase orders or IOUs.

In a pickle? Shoot us an email, and we'll get that order canceled.  Because we have a streamline shipping process, order tend to be processed pretty quick.  There might be times that your order already shipped but you have not received the email with tracking information.  If that occurs, we will let you know and will provide you return instructions.  Easy peasy!

Let's face it.  Sometimes an item slips through quality control and the manufacturer ships it where it's discovered the item might be defective.  The fastest resolution is to contact the manufacturers directly so they can work some magic.  If they're slow on the draw, give us a shout, and we'll jump in and help for a speedy favorable resolution.

So, welcome to the Tac Essentials survival crew. Get ready for the wild ride—or at least a wild time picking out gear!