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ASP Chain Ultra Plus Cuffs

ASP Chain Ultra Plus Cuffs

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The ASP Chain Ultra Plus Cuffs represent a significant evolution in restraint technology, building upon the foundation established by the original Ultra Cuffs. With the introduction of keyless double locking, these cuffs set a new benchmark for safety and efficiency. Double locking is a crucial process that ensures the safety of both the subject and the officer. The Ultra Plus Cuffs simplify this step by allowing it to be completed with a simple press of the double lock bar, which is color-indicated for immediate visual confirmation. This innovation not only makes the double locking process faster and more intuitive but also eliminates the need for a key during the initial cuffing, enhancing overall safety.

In addition to the groundbreaking keyless double lock, the Ultra Plus Cuffs maintain all the high-quality features that have made ASP Ultra Cuffs the preferred choice for law enforcement. The cuffs are constructed with a forged aluminum frame, providing strength and durability. They feature a conical, flat contact bow designed for secure and comfortable restraint. Dual-sided, single-turn keyways offer versatility and ease of use, while the replaceable lock sets ensure that the cuffs can be maintained and serviced as needed. These advanced features collectively ensure that the ASP Chain Ultra Plus Cuffs remain at the forefront of restraint technology.

  • Keyless Double Locking: Double lock the cuffs instantly with a fingertip press, eliminating the need for a key during cuffing.
  • Forged Aluminum Frame: Provides exceptional strength and durability for long-lasting use.
  • Conical, Flat Contact Bow: Ensures secure and comfortable restraint.
  • Dual-Sided, Single-Turn Keyways: Allows for versatile and easy operation from either side.
Feature Steel Cuffs Aluminum Cuffs
Durability High Moderate
Weight Heavy Light
Corrosion Resistance Lower Higher
Cost Lower Higher


Feature Security Pawl Tactical Pawl
Purpose Designed primarily for long-term, secure restraint Designed for quick deployment and tactical use
Locking Emphasizes maximum security and resistance to tampering Focuses on rapid deployment and ease of use
Material Often made from heavy-duty materials for durability Lightweight materials for agility and quick handling
Features Typically includes additional security mechanisms May incorporate features for rapid application and release
Usage Context Used in scenarios requiring prolonged restraint Ideal for dynamic situations and rapid response


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