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ASP Hinge Ultra Plus Cuffs

ASP Hinge Ultra Plus Cuffs

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Introducing the ASP Hinge Ultra Plus Cuffs, setting a new benchmark in restraint technology. These cuffs feature a revolutionary keyless double locking mechanism, ensuring swift and secure application with just a fingertip press. The color-indicated double lock bar enhances operational efficiency, minimizing the risk of oversight during critical situations. Crafted from forged aluminum, these cuffs offer unparalleled durability, complemented by conical, flat contact bows for optimized comfort and control. With dual-sided, single-turn keyways and replaceable lock sets, ASP Hinge Ultra Plus Cuffs uphold the highest standards of safety and reliability.

Enhance your security protocols with ASP Hinge Ultra Plus Cuffs, the trusted choice for law enforcement and security professionals seeking superior restraint solutions. Whether in routine operations or high-stress scenarios, these cuffs deliver unmatched performance and peace of mind.

  • Innovative keyless double locking for rapid deployment.
  • Forged aluminum frame for robust durability.
  • Conical, flat contact bows for enhanced comfort.
  • Dual-sided, single-turn keyways for operational flexibility.
Feature Steel Cuffs Aluminum Cuffs
Durability High Moderate
Weight Heavy Light
Corrosion Resistance Lower Higher
Cost Lower Higher


Feature Security Pawl Tactical Pawl
Purpose Designed primarily for long-term, secure restraint Designed for quick deployment and tactical use
Locking Emphasizes maximum security and resistance to tampering Focuses on rapid deployment and ease of use
Material Often made from heavy-duty materials for durability Lightweight materials for agility and quick handling
Features Typically includes additional security mechanisms May incorporate features for rapid application and release
Usage Context Used in scenarios requiring prolonged restraint Ideal for dynamic situations and rapid response


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