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Original SWAT

Original SWAT Metro Air 9 Side-Zip Boots

Original SWAT Metro Air 9 Side-Zip Boots

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In the heart of the urban fray, where pavement meets persistence, strides a guardian clad in the armor of resilience. Behold the Original SWAT Metro Air 9 Side-Zip Boots, forged to conquer the concrete coliseum with unwavering fortitude.

Crafted from the finest full grain leather and 1000 denier nylon, these boots stand as a testament to durability. Their polished heel and toe, a reflection of unwavering dedication to both form and function. With the mighty YKK® side-zipper, encased in the indomitable Vislon® pattern, donning these boots becomes an effortless endeavor, complemented by the steadfast hook and loop tab-stay closure.

Double-stitched, bound by the sinew of 3-ply bonded nylon thread, they defy the ravages of time, a steadfast companion through the trials of duty. The foam-padded collar and tongue, a bastion of protection amidst the tumult, fostering breathability in the face of adversity.

Non-metallic, they stand as sentinels of stealth, rust-proof hardware ensuring unyielding resilience. Within, a custom fit awaits, with a removable EVA insole molded to cradle the weary warrior's stride.

But it is not just strength that defines them; it is the embrace of comfort, manifested through the custom-molded phylon EVA midsole, a sanctuary for the weary sole. With the Texon stability platform, lateral support becomes an unshakeable ally, while the airport-friendly nylon shank offers respite from the burdens of fatigue.

Beneath the surface lies a symphony of innovation, a thermoplastic heel counter and toe box, sculpted for instantaneous solace and lateral stability. With each step, a testament to endurance, stitched heel and toe ensuring longevity in service to the cause.

Yet, amidst the chaos, a respite beckons, in the form of the visible heel air bag, an oasis of impact absorption and comfort. And as the battleground shifts, the Metro durable outsole stands unwavering, a bastion against slip and oil, marked by the indomitable waffle traction and ladder grip control.

Thus, in the crucible of the urban battlefield, where challenges abound and resolve is tested, the Original SWAT Metro Air 9 Side-Zip Boots emerge as stalwart guardians, steadfast and unyielding, a beacon of fortitude in a world beset by chaos.

  • Full grain leather / 1000 denier nylon upper with polishable heel and toe
  • YKK® side-zipper in durable Vislon® pattern for easy on and off fit with hook and loop tab-stay closure
  • Double-stitched upper with 3-ply bonded nylon thread for extended durability
  • Foam padded collar and tongue for protection and increased breathability
  • PU collar for easy cleaning
  • Gusseted tongue to keep dirt and debris out
  • Non-metallic rust proof hardware
  • Removable custom fit EVA insole
  • Custom-molded phylon EVA midsole for lightweight comfort and cradled support
  • Texon stability platform for lateral support and torsional rigidity
  • Airport friendly nylon shank for lightweight support and fatigue control
  • Custom-molded thermoplastic heel counter and toe box for instant comfort and lateral support
  • Stitched heel and toe for durability and extended service life
  • Visible heel air bag for impact absorption and comfort
  • Metro durable, slip and oil resistant, non-marking rubber outsole with waffle traction and ladder grip control, meets the ASTM F2913-11 test for slip resistance


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