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Peerless Handcuff Company

Peerless Colored Chain Handcuffs

Peerless Colored Chain Handcuffs

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Unlock security with Peerless Handcuff Company - your trusted source for superior handcuffs and law enforcement restraints. Explore our precision-crafted products, setting the standard for reliability and performance. Choose Peerless for unparalleled quality in every restraint.

The Peerless Colored Chain Handcuffs are a type of handcuffs that are commonly used by law enforcement agencies and security personnel. These handcuffs are designed to securely restrain a person's hands and prevent them from escaping.

The Peerless Colored Chain Handcuffs are made of high-quality steel and are colored to distinguish them from standard silver handcuffs. The colored coating is intended to help identify different groups of individuals, such as those who require special attention or those who pose a higher security risk.

These handcuffs feature a chain design, which connects the two cuffs together and allows for a greater range of movement. The chain also allows the handcuffs to be easily adjusted to fit different wrist sizes.

The Peerless Colored Chain Handcuffs come with a standard key that can be used to unlock the cuffs. However, they also feature a double-lock mechanism, which provides an additional layer of security by preventing the cuffs from tightening further once they are locked.

Overall, the Peerless Colored Chain Handcuffs are a reliable and durable option for restraining individuals in law enforcement or security settings.

The color finish helps to prevent equipment loss by allowing for easy property identification and tracking. Color can also be used to enable or reinforce a classification system such as threat level, medical condition, jurisdiction and more.

The color coating is applied using a process called Electrolytic Polyurethane Plating (EPP). EPP fully coats restraints inside and out without interfering with the lock mechanism or jaw swing-through. The durable EPP finish is resistant to chipping and scratching. The rust resistant EPP finish exceeds the National Institute of Justice’s 12 hour salt spray testing standard.

The Model 750C features an improved internal lock mechanism for increased tamper resistance, smoother ratcheting action and greater durability. The Model 750C is National Institute of Justice 0307.01 certified and comes with a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defect. Two keys supplied. Made in USA

  • Weight: 10 oz. / 283 gms
  • Minimum inside perimeter: 5.9 in. / 150 mm
  • Material/Finish: Carbon Steel / Pink EPP
  • Maximum inside perimeter: 8.3 in / 211 mm
  • Minimum opening: 2.0 in / 51 mm
  • Maximum overall length: 8.9 in / 227 mm


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