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Peerless Handcuff Company

Peerless Nickel Chain Handcuffs

Peerless Nickel Chain Handcuffs

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In the realm where order meets chaos, where justice wields its mighty arm, there exists a bond, unyielding and unbreakable. A bond woven from the very fabric of law and order, forged in the fires of righteousness. This bond, this symbol of authority, comes in the form of the Peerless Nickel Chain Handcuffs.

Crafted by the skilled hands of the Peerless Handcuff Company, these shackles stand as sentinels against lawlessness, guardians of peace. Fashioned from the finest nickel-plated steel, they gleam with an aura of strength and resilience. No force of man nor beast can easily rend them asunder.

With a precision beyond measure, the Peerless Nickel Chain Handcuffs embrace their captives with an iron grip, their double locking system a testament to their unwavering resolve. Linked by a chain, they allow for movement yet hold fast to their charge, ensuring compliance without compromise.

Law enforcement officers, stalwart defenders of order, wield these cuffs with confidence and purpose. They know that in their grasp lies the power to restrain the unruly, to subdue the defiant. Lightweight and compact, they are ever-ready at their side, a silent witness to the trials of justice.

These cuffs, model #700c, bear the weight of responsibility with grace and fortitude. With 19 locking positions, they adapt to the needs of the moment, securing with certainty and precision. And with each pair, two keys are bestowed, ensuring that the guardians of the law never find themselves wanting.

Throughout the land, from coast to coast, the Peerless Nickel Chain Handcuffs find favor among those who uphold the law. From bustling metropolises to quiet hamlets, their reputation precedes them, a beacon of trust and reliability.

So heed the call of duty, embrace the legacy of justice, and trust in the Peerless Nickel Chain Handcuffs to uphold order in a world where chaos threatens to reign. For with these shackles, the hands of law reach ever further, grasping hold of righteousness and ensuring that justice prevails.
  • Model #700c
  • 10 ounce chain style cuff
  • 19 locking positions
  • Includes 2 handcuff keys
  • Weight: 10 oz. / 283 grams
  • Minimum inside perimeter: 5.9 in. / 150 mm
  • Material/Finish: Carbon Steel / Nickel
  • Maximum inside perimeter: 8.3 in / 211 mm
  • Minimum opening: 2.0 in / 51 mm
  • Maximum overall length: 8.9 in / 227 mm


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