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5ive Star Gear

5ive Star Gear 1000 7-Strand 550 Paracord

5ive Star Gear 1000 7-Strand 550 Paracord

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The 5ive Star Gear 1000 7-Strand 550 Paracord is a versatile and reliable cord designed for various outdoor activities. Here are some key features:

- **550 Commercial 7-Strand Cord:** The paracord consists of seven strands, providing strength and durability. This construction allows for a variety of uses and ensures reliability in demanding situations.

- **Multi-Purpose:** Suited for a wide range of activities, including camping, fishing, survival situations, gardening, boating, crabbing, and more. Its adaptability makes it an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness.

- **1000' Continuous Strand:** The paracord comes in a length of 1000 feet, providing an extensive and continuous strand for your various needs. This generous length ensures you have an ample supply for different applications.

- **Quick Drying:** The cord is designed to dry quickly, making it suitable for wet environments or situations where moisture is a concern. This feature enhances its usability in unpredictable weather conditions.

- **Will Not Rot Or Mildew:** The paracord is resistant to rot and mildew, ensuring its longevity and reliability even in damp or humid environments. This makes it a dependable choice for outdoor activities where exposure to moisture is likely.

- **Lightweight:** Despite its strength, the paracord is lightweight, making it easy to carry and handle. This feature adds to its convenience, especially for individuals who prioritize portability in their outdoor gear.

- **Strong And Durable:** Known for its robustness, the paracord is strong and durable, capable of withstanding various stresses and loads. This strength is crucial for its effectiveness in survival situations and other demanding outdoor activities.

- **Manufactured By A Government Contractor:** The paracord is produced by a government contractor, implying high-quality manufacturing standards. This adds a level of assurance regarding the cord's reliability and performance.

- **Made In The USA:** The product is proudly made in the United States, indicating a commitment to quality and adherence to manufacturing standards. This can be reassuring for customers looking for domestically produced and reliable outdoor gear.
  • #550 Commercial 7-Strand Cord
  • Multi-Purpose: Camping, Fishing, Survival, Gardens, Boating, Crabbing & Much More!
  • 1000' Continuous Strand
  • Quick Drying
  • Will Not Rot Or Mildew
  • Lightweight
  • Strong And Durable
  • Manufactured By A Government Contractor
  • Made In The USA


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