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Zak Tools

Zak Tool Alloy Entry Tool

Zak Tool Alloy Entry Tool

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The Zak Tool Alloy Entry Tool is a robust and versatile tool designed for various entry and breaching applications. Here is a description of its key features:

  1. Lifetime Guarantee: The Zak Tool Alloy Entry Tool comes with a lifetime guarantee, demonstrating the manufacturer's confidence in its durability and performance.

  2. Made in the USA: This tool is proudly manufactured in the United States, ensuring high-quality craftsmanship and adherence to strict quality control standards.

  3. Forged Heads: The tool features forged heads made from heat-treated 4130 alloy steel. This material is known for its exceptional strength and durability, making it suitable for demanding tasks like entry and breaching.

  4. Lightweight Sure Grip Knurled Handle: The handle of the tool is designed for a secure and comfortable grip. It features knurling, which provides a textured surface for enhanced grip even in challenging conditions. Despite its durability, the tool remains lightweight for ease of use.

  5. Flat Wedge for Door Breaching: One of the key functions of this tool is door breaching. It is equipped with a flat wedge that can be effectively used for breaching doors, both in structural and vehicle applications. This feature allows for controlled entry during emergency situations or law enforcement operations.

  6. Pry Foot with High Arch Fulcrum Point: The pry foot of the Zak Tool Alloy Entry Tool is designed with a high arch fulcrum point. This design enhances lifting and prying force, making it easier to manipulate doors, windows, or other obstacles during entry or rescue operations.

In summary, the Zak Tool Alloy Entry Tool is a dependable and versatile tool that is well-suited for professionals in law enforcement, emergency response, and other fields where quick and efficient entry and breaching capabilities are required. Its durable construction, ergonomic handle, and specialized features make it a valuable addition to any toolkit. Plus, with its lifetime guarantee and American craftsmanship, it provides long-lasting reliability. Please note that the actual product's appearance may vary from the provided information, but these features should accurately describe its functionality.

  • Picture may vary from actual product
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Made in the USA
  • Forged heads made from heat treated 4130 alloy steel
  • Lightweight sure grip knurled handle
  • Flat wedge for door breaching, both structure & vehicle
  • Pry foot has high arch fulcrum point for increased lifting & prying force


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